Helle Hennie´S


My passion for aesthetics began early in my adolescence. Whilst my friends decorated their walls with posters of heartthrobs such as Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise, my decoration consisted of a lithograph by the Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum "A woman's back". Although my friends found it somewhat strange and generally thought the illustration was awful, for my it was an icon of what I would. like to achieve, both beautiful and inspirational at the same time.

Many years later after losing my "Nerdrum" in a house fire, I decided to draw a copy in charcoal myself, as buying a new one was far too expensive. I then started to experiment with oil paint and it soon became clear to me that I wanted to paint and one day hopefully become professional!

It wasn't until I got acquainted with Jan Valentin Sæther (1944-2018) however, that things progressed further. Indeed, I was honored to receive an invitation to attend his studio, which needless to say, I accepted. For eight great years I was enthusiastically attending his "master classes". Admittedly, the complexity involved in figurative painting is by any measure staggering. Thus, I belive "seeing without an object" and controlling the art form will probably take me a lifetime. 

Nevertheless, interactions among humans and the way people express their various emotions have always been a huge fascination for me and are likely to remain my main source for artistic inspiration. I will always strive to develop artistically and constantly seek to capture those sophisticated emotional moments among us and transfer those expressions, onto a canvas.

I hope you have enjoyed my work so far, and that you will continue to do so in years to come. Thank you!

Heidi, Oil on canvas 100x60 cm. NOK 45.000,- sold

Seaweed, Oil on canvas 200x110 cm. NOK 110.000,- sold

Sorting, Oil on canvas 200x110 cm. NOK. 95.000,- sold

Clown, Oil on canvas 50x50 cm. NOK 25.000,-

Therese, Oil on canvas 60x50 cm. NOK 15.000,-

Alone, oil on canvas 110x110cm. NOK 85.000,- sold

Nude, oil on canvas 110x90cm. NOK. 105.000,- sold

Life and Death of Carravagio study, oil on canvas 120x90cm. Not for sale

Bouguereau study, oil on canvas 220x110cm. Not for sale.

Clown, oil on canvas 220x110cm. NOK 25.000,-

Bouguereau study, oil on canvas 220x110cm

Sofie, oil on canvas 45x45cm. NOK 18.000,- sold

Apple, oil on canvas 45x45cm. NOK 15.000,-  sold

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